Easy Tire Swing DIY

Easy Tire Swing DIY

The swing! We all have memories of swings in our childhood … We propose you to make one with a recycled tire for your children! Nothing’s easier!

Easy Tire Swing DIY


  • A tire
  • Solid cords
  • Rings of metal


  1. Choose the shape of the swing (see picture above):
    -Left Vertical swing
    -At right Horizontal swing
  2. Depending on the shape, attach the metal rings that will hold the tire to the ropes.
  3. Pass the strings through metal rings and tie them well (add strong glue around the knots for added safety).
  4. Secure the ropes to a solid tree branch (avoid cherry trees because the branches are very brittle).
  5. Paint the tire of the color of your choice or leave it black.

Your swing is ready!

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