Make a Sandbox with an Old Tire

Make a Sandbox with an Old Tire

Making a sandbox with a tire is not complicated. It is rather to find the right tire that will be … Indeed, you will need a big tractor tire (and not a simple car tire …).

Make a Sandbox with an Old Tire


  • A heavy tractor tire
  • Two tarps: one for the bottom of the tank and one to cover it at night
  • Special sand sandbox


  1. Lay the tire on the ground and attach a tarpaulin to it, making sure it is tight.
  2. Turn the tire over so that the tarpaulin is on the ground.
  3. Paint your sandbox.
  4. Fill the sand tire to your liking.
  5. At night, or when your child does not play, do not forget to cover the sandbox with a tarpaulin to protect it from the rain, but also from the excrement of cats …

In the same way you can make a paddling pool (or mini pool) for children.

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