Making a Home in Recycled Tires

Nowadays, extravagant houses are becoming more and more numerous. Whether they are out of the ordinary in size, architecture or ecological arrangements, they always come to be known and attract the attention of neighbors like that of Internet users all over the world. The house Anthony Cronk and his family built in Lorraine, New York, belongs to this category of houses unlike any other since its walls will be made of an assembly of used tires.

Making a Home in Recycled Tires

The idea sprouted in 2007 in the brain of this professor of carpentry who was looking for an original material for his new wood-burning oven on a website specialized in ecological materials of recovery. Used tires appeared to him and Anthony immediately imagined that this cheap and abundant raw material could allow him to mount his new home to the exemplary energy efficiency. The collection of tires then begins: by passing advertisements on the web and in the local press, it is even paid by some individuals to get rid of this bulky waste. The rest he obtains in the garages of the corner who agree to yield to him gracefully. Then comes the summer of 2010, which marks the beginnings of the site.

The tires are then stacked and fastened to each other by metal reinforcing rods, as for any construction. To fill all empty spaces, Anthony then pours a mixture of straw and mud which, once dry, ensures resistance and insulation to his new home. The orientation has been skilfully chosen, allowing the house to withstand the high heat of summer and its high sun in the sky, while being able to capture maximum energy from the low suns of the winter months, to restore the heat inside the building. Work has been progressing for more than three years now and seems to be coming to an end.

Anthony Cronk will then be able to boast of having imagined and then realized the house of his dreams, two storeys high, comprising 3 bedrooms and multiple elements (solar panels on the roof, rainwater collection system, cooling of the air by the basement which allows a pleasant temperature throughout the year) which undoubtedly make it the most unusual green building.

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